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GoldenSection Notes is an easy-to-use notepad that will allow you to organize both your texts as well as your images. The most noteworthy feature of this contents editor lies in the special way that it stores the information because it uses a tree shaped hierarchical structure that together with its intuitive interface make it easy to access any of the notes. Just like other text processors GoldenSection Notes has options to give the text format: choose the style change the size apply cursive underline and bold change the margins create lists add images include hyperlinks etc. Another interesting function is the possibility to establish a password to protect your documents and avoid that other users access your personal information. It also supports the possibility to work on several files simultaneously and allows you to export them as RTF CSV TXT and HTML. Forget about having hundreds of files (documents web sites images ...) scattered all over your hard drive and without any connection with one another. Now you'll be able to organize them within a single application thanks to GoldenSection Notes.

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