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Now and again we just might need to hide what we are doing on a PC whether due to the fact that we are chatting during working hours or that we need to get up from the table and we don't want people to get a look a what we have on our screen. To avoid that anybody can see what we are doing or catch us red handed we can use a tool like WinHide.SB. It's an application that allows us to allocate a series of keyboard shortcuts thanks to which it's possible to make any windows disappear from the screen in a matter of seconds thus making sure that nobody sees what we're doing. The program can be configured so that it isn't possible to access its configuration panel even camouflaging its icon as that of another application like Internet Explorer or Winamp. The application is very easy to handle because the only thing that's necessary to be able to handle it is to configure the hotkeys and to remember them when we need to use them. Don't allow anyone to catch you red handed when using your PC thanks to WinHide.SB.

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