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If you are looking for a domain name to buy but you cannot decide which one or you do not know how to choose properly Domain Name Analyzer will help you make the right decision. This software lets you indicate what keywords you want to relate your domain with. Find free domains on the Internet Domain Name Analyzer is a tool that helps us choose the best domain name for our website because after we indicate the keywords we want to relate with it it will offer us a list of possible names. After choosing the name we like most we can check if the domain is available and buy it or it will give us the possibility to inquire who the owner is and if there's any possibility of purchasing it. To do so it will give us the WHOIS information (owner information). All the domains that Domain Name Analyzer searches for and offers are TLP or Top Level Domains to make it clearer all the ones that finish with two or three letters indicating the type (.int .com .net .org etc.) and others corresponding countries or regions (.us .es etc.). Never second level domains like for example.

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