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Facebook has become the largest social network in the world and is one of the most used by users worldwide with permission of Twitter or LinkedIn. Each time that we access our Facebook user profile we are informed about the activities that our contacts carry out as well as the groups events and friends that we are proposed to join or assist to. Receive FB notifications on your desktop fbquick is a small tool that instantly sends these notifications to the Windows desktop making a small side window pop up with each message completely synchronized with our account. Thus we will be permanently informed about everything that is happening on Facebook without having to access the website every five minutes. By default the program lets us know about any change to the status of our contacts new messages on our wall or invitations to form part of a group or event. It also lets us know when we are asked to accept a new friend or if we are tagged in a photo. fbquick uses very few resources always working in the background. The ideal option for Facebook addicts.

fbquick For Windows Download

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