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Norton Safety Minder For Windows Reviews

Norton Safety Minder is a tool from the Norton Online Family range that is essential if you have children between the ages of 2 and 12. At these ages it is very important for them to get used to using a computer but at the same time it is necessary to supervise the programs and the Internet contents that they can access when using it. Parental control on behalf of Norton Norton Safety Minder is an online application that allows parents to know all the activities that their children carry out on the Internet: the searches they perform the sites that they visit the profiles they create to chat their conversations etc. What's more it allows you to limit access to certain websites and the use of social networks. And even better still it favors the dialog with the children to manage to obtain good Internet use habits. Before installing Norton Safety Minder you have to create a user account on the computer for each person that is going to connect. Once installed the authorized person will have to assign a profile to each account created. The program will run in the background each time the computer is turned on so its presence can't be traced.

Norton Safety Minder For Windows Download

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