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When people take an interest in photography they usually realize that the majority of photos can have a perfect finish with a couple of touch ups. Touch ups that are minor enough not to have to use Photoshop but still require an advanced tool. For this purpose we can use applications like Bibble. With Bibble we will get hold of a powerful photo organizer and a quick image editor. It implements various filters that can be of great use like black and white or iNDA that simulates a photographic film. Nevertheless the strong point of Bibble is that it is extremely quick. All the software has been developed to act as quickly as possible to meet the user's needs. Among its most advanced functions we will find the advanced search including EXIF data the editing and reading of RAW formats or the possibility to not to use the program's library to the detriment of the computer's file system. Furthermore as an editor it supports plug-ins that increase its functions and photo editing with layers.

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