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The creators of LimeWire don't seem to have had enough by creating one of the most important P2P networks now they want to revolutionize the file-sharing networks with LittleShoot that according to them is P2P 2.0. LittleShoot works from the browser by only installing a plug-in that will allow us to connect to the LimeWire network search for torrents and even search on YouTube Flickr and Yahoo! from the same interface. This software integrates with Internet Explorer Firefox and Opera to create an exceptional P2P client that seems to work via the web. A P2P client built into your browser Once installed and even though it is used inside the browser we will be able to see an icon in the system tray from which we will be able to change some options and access the most important tabs. These tabs will open in the browser to show all the search download and view options that are common to the majority of P2P clients. To share any file it will only be necessary to indicate it to LittleShot by means of the button that it integrates to do so that will open a file explorer from which we will be able to select the folders and files that we want to share.

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