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The Aztec culture that used to live in South and Central America has been a great source of legends of battles between the gods and the fight between good and evil. Aztaka is a video game that gathers all those legends in which we will have to face a series of tests to prove our strength and bravery. Game inspired by Aztec legends We will take on the role of Huitzile (son of the Sun God) and we'll have to protect our society from the evil of the gods by using our magic knowledge and our weapon techniques. As the game advances we will be able to learn new powers and buy new weapons with which we can face the gods. Aztaka has an original way of combining the action platform and RPG game genres giving as a result a rather curious title where not only will we have to eliminate our enemies but we will also have to solve puzzles and improve our level during each of our missions. Download this demo and enjoy the first world of Aztaka.

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