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Even though they aren't as visible as when we uninstall programs that we no longer use eliminating duplicated or obsolete files can help us to clear out our hard drive. Generally when we install and uninstall applications our hard drive stores both duplicated registries as well as various versions of the same file or even files duplicated in different places. We have to eliminate all the latter and WinDeDup will help us. Once launched WinDeDup will scan our hard drive networks and servers in search of duplicated files even if their name has been changed. WinDeDup compares the size contents and various other features that make it practically impossible for it to mix up two different files as the same or for it not to recognize duplicated files. What's more this software hardly occupies any memory and it works in the background without hardly affecting the computer's normal working that is really amazing. Once the list of duplicated files is complete WinDeDup will allow the user to eliminate each file one by one (or all at the same time) because even if they are duplicated the final decision of deleting them or not has to be taken by the user.

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