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When it comes to preparing a recorded video to be watched it's preferable to use an editor first to improve the image and offer a final product with more quality and to do so you can use a free editor like vReveal. Incredible power and results With vReveal it's very easy to edit and share videos. Thanks to vReveal it's possible to edit multiple aspects of any video offering incredible results like: Fix videos with a simple click of the mouse. Stabilize the image. Eliminate noise. Change the colors automatically. And a lot more. Some of the other options offered by vReveal transform it into an ideal tool for those people that use social networks a lot because it allows them to share photos and videos directly on YouTube and Facebook from its interface. Another interesting feature of vReveal is the possibility to convert a group of images into a panoramic view. Therefore if you're looking for an application to edit your homemade videos download vReveal.

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