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SuperVideoCap is a powerful application to capture video from your computer. It offers many different possibilities it can capture the screen both video as well as still images it can record the signal from a TV Tuner card a webcam or from a digital video camera. Furthermore you'll be able to choose between the most popular video formats to save your captures. Record whatever you want on your computer The application automatically detects all the devices connected to your computer with which it's possible to record images. Once you've selected which one your want you have to establish the configuration with which you want the video to be saved: if you want to capture video and audio if the recording will have any text and its features and the video format and quality. One of the most positive aspects of SuperVideoCap is the vast amount of configuration options that it has. SuperVideoCap also allows you to record videos with everything that happens on your screen. The formats in which you can record the videos are: WMV AVI FLV or SWF. Another interesting feature is the possibility to establish keyboard shortcuts to start the recording pause it or stop it.

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