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Namco All-Stars Pac-Man For Windows Reviews

If there is a classic arcade game main character that is known by more or less everybody that has to be Pac-Man. Now you will be able to experience this game once more thanks to Namco All-Stars Pac-Man an optimized and improved version of this classic arcade game. The dynamics of the game haven't varied at all. The objective is simple move around the maze avoiding the ghosts and eating all the counters and fruit to obtain the best score possible: Classic arcade mode: play the first version of this game once again with the same graphics. It is still as good as it always was! New optimized mode with new graphics and sounds. 256 levels and intermediate animated missions so that you can prove all your skills. Try not to miss a single counter. Namco All-Stars Pac-Man will save a registry with all your statistics so that you can make improving them your personal challenge. Blinky Pinky Inky and Clyde will try to eliminate you to avoid it but we are sure that with a few hours practice and after you play a few games you will be able to avoid them. A classic is back Pac-Man has returned If you played when it was first launched you have to try it once again. Download Namco All-Stars Pac-Man and enjoy this classic game once again. And if you haven't played what are you waiting for to try out this great game? Pac-Man is back to stay.

Namco All-Stars Pac-Man For Windows Download

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