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When you share a computer or have children on many occasion the problem arises that one user uses it more than other users or you find that your children use the computer longer than they should. This can cause arguments between family members or house mates but now we have a practical solution LUPC. This software allows you to configure the hours that a user can use a computer during a day or a week. LUPC is an application that when launched shows all the users that are configured in Windows so that we can configure how long they are going to have access to the computer. Thus if we aren't at home and we don't want the computer to be used while we aren't in we will only have to indicate a specific time threshold within which the computer can't be used and no session will be able to be started. In this way we will be able to configure the maximum amount of hours that a user can be connected when the user reaches this limit the program will automatically disconnect him/her and he/she will no longer be able to use the computer. LUPC is a very interesting program both for work as well as to control what use the house computer receives. The program's interface is very simple and sober and even allows you to configure specific timetables for specific days.

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