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The vast majority of Internet users normally access YouTube various times a day to be able to watch videos whether the last video clip of their favorite artist or the trailer of an important film but the problem is that these videos can't be enjoyed without using an Internet connection unless you have an application like UTube. You favorite videos on your computer Thanks to UTube the user will be able to search for videos related with any term that is typed in because from the applications interface it will be possible to search the web services using the Internet browser that is selected by default. Locate and download your favorite videos. Once you have located the videos that interest the user you'll only have to copy the URL to the UTube interface to be able to start downloading the videos. As soon as the videos are stored on the computer it will be possible to open them from the application's interface. Download UTube to your computer to be able to enjoy your favorite videos you'll no longer have to connect to the Internet to be able to view the videos that you'll be able to save.

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