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The Windows Registry was invented by Microsoft and was an absolute success all those years ago. But over time what was meant to be the central nervous system of any windows installation has now become the place where data gets forgotton causing it to slowly lose efficiency. Programs like Baku have been developed to keep it clean and fast for as long as possible. The main problem with the Windows Registry is that programs include their entries and keys in it but few of them clean up this information when they are uninstalled. This is why we use Baku to find and delete all the residue left in the Windows Registry. With Baku you can find erroneous duplicate or useless entries list them all and eliminate them. The interface of this software looks a lot like an assistant as you configure the options and from then on it's just a matter of reading the stepsm and clicking next. After this the system gets a full registry cleanup including temporary files and keys duplicates obsolete and useless files as well as outdated backups.

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