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Previously known as Easy VPN Comodo Unite is an application that allows the creation of encrypted virtual private networks (VPN) between several computers to make sure that their communications are totally secure. Your own VPN in three simple steps Install Comodo Unite. Create your user account. Create your own private virtual network. Using Comodo Unite is rather simple and once the virtual network is created the users connected to a network will have the possibility to carry out various options like: Create private chat sessions. Share files and maintain meeting without worrying about where in the world they are. Access any of the computers connected to the network remotely. Make files available to all the members of a group or network. Share applications with other users thus saving installation space on other computers. To make sure of the privacy and security of the actions carried out over the virtual networks Comodo Unite uses 128-bit SSL encryption. Download Comodo Unite to keep in touch with your friends and family with total security.

Comodo Unite For Windows Download

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