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Accessing a computer remotely isn't at all complicated thanks to programs like WAC Server a Telnet and SSH server in a single application that allows you to transfer data back and forth by means of the command line and text-based applications. Telnet and SSH server all in one WAC Server can be used to control all the computers that are connected to a network by means of the client that it includes which will allow the user to use all the additional text-based tools that are also included in the pack. As well as that it allows an administrator to control the work of another user and to take control of his actions or even to send text messages. In what regards to security WAC Server offers all kinds of protection so that the network administrator can establish the access level that each user of the server will have so as to avoid any kind of incident caused by a user that has touched something that he/she wasn't supposed to. So if you are a network administrator and you need an application that will allow you to control computers remotely to carry out diagnostics or maintenance tasks download and try out WAC Server.

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