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When it comes to sending information to a company's clients or to promoting a new product it's necessary to use an application that allows you to send mass emails as is the case of Turbo Mailer. Noteworthy features of Turbo Mailer Mail with text and HTML contents. Customization of the messages. Multi-threaded SMTP to perform the sending process with the utmost stability. BCC option to reduce the bandwidth used. Importing address lists. Secure SSL/TLS SMTP transfers. Control from the command line. Furthermore Turbo Mailer can be used to send messages with attached files and images. To make using the application easier and to be able to start working as quickly as possible Turbo Mailer has been designed with a very clear interface that's very easy to configure. Therefore if you want to automate the process of sending mass emails you only have to download Turbo Mailer.

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