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FontFrenzy is one of those programs that many people would love to have but few people know. With it we will be able to maintain all our fonts totally organized in such a way that will even be possible to increase our PC's performance. Font manager for PC Windows per default loads all the fonts that are installed in the memory this is something that can have a direct incidence on the computer's performance and that is why FontFrenzy offers us the possibility to momentarily uninstall the fonts of our choice and to restore them when we are going to use them. Thus FontFrenzy allows us to have various profiles depending on the task that we are going to carry out so as to load one set of fonts or another or to load just those that are necessary for the system. On the other hand FontFrenzy also allows to install and uninstall fonts in a way that is a lot easier than with the utility provided with Windows for this purpose to create backup copies install various fonts at the same time or to preview them with the text of our choice. So if you often work with texts or you simply want to improve your PC's performance try FontFrenzy.

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