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Aurora MPEG to DVD Burner For Windows Reviews

On many occasions conventional DVD players aren't capable of reading more formats than the standard ones designed for this kind of device: DVD-Video. Unfortunately your ripped DVDs and downloads are hardly ever in that format something that obliges you to use a converter that makes it possible to view the contents on other domestic devices as well as your computer. With Aurora MPEG to DVD Burner it is possible to record your files in different disc formats like DVD-R DVD+R DVD+RW DVD-RW. The software includes a writing engine and is compatible with the majority of DVD burners on the market so you shouldn't have any kind of problem. Logically it is possible to delete the contents of Re-Writable discs. It accepts various entry formats like MPEG-1 MPEG-2 AVI DivX ... What's more the software has a very simple and functional interface that makes it easier to use. It is even possible to configure different skins and choose the one that you like most so that the customization options are many.

Aurora MPEG to DVD Burner For Windows Download

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