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You may never have used another file explorer than the one that's installed by default on your operating system the classic Windows Explorer. But without underestimating its functions there are other more interesting alternatives like Total Commander for those that prefer a more retro and functional interface or UltraExplorer a modern powerful and highly configurable explorer. Improve the native Windows explorer Thus among the options available in UltraExplorer we'll have the possibility to browse through our directories using tabs we can eliminate icons or features that we don't need command line windows double panel view and the main feature Drop Stack that provides us with a kind of panel where we will be able to leave the files that we are going to need shortly. What's more it includes an FTP client with which to perform the transfer of our file in a very simple way. And with all this UltraExplorer is a very lightweight application that you can even launch from a USB pendrive. So download this powerful alternative to Windows Explorer.

UltraExplorer For Windows Download

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