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On the majority of occasions even when the dubbing is good it's better to watch a film or a series in the original language. Nevertheless those people that don't know too many foreign languages may require using subtitles to be able to grasp the most important concepts. ALLSubtitleSearcher is a program that will search for subtitles for you. Add subtitles directly to ALLPlayer This software application finds out what specific film file you have on your hard drive and searches for the corresponding subtitles and once it has found them it will download them to the same folder as the video. The application can search for subtitles in multiple languages including English Spanish German and French so if we are sure that the file is relatively well known we will have a rather large amount of possibilities to be able to find the proper subtitles and download them. The text files that contain the translations can be downloaded from several specialized Internet sites that generally have contents thanks to the large amount of users that decide to create subtitle files even though this does have as an effect that not all the files are written by professionals.

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