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The scanner is an external device that many computer users hardly use although it can get us out of more than one tight spot. Nevertheless not all users have a scanner at home but the immense majority have a digital camera (on your mobile for example) and with the latter and Snapter we will obtain the same functions as a scanner. Scan documents with your camera The company that has developed Snapter is specialized in scanning books and documents so it decided to implement the technology that they use on this program so that any normal user can make the most of it. That is how Snapter was developed an application that uses a digital photo to generate a document that is similar to a scanned document. Even if the photo is slightly crooked or it includes images and text Snapter will manage to make everything look like a real scan thus it won't be necessary to have a scanner at home if we don't use it a lot. For the best result they recommend that the background of the photo is as neutral and simple as possible and that you can see the four corners of the document in the photo.

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