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AutoWallpaper is a program that will help you to automatically change your desktop wallpaper. With AutoWallpaper you simply have to configure the folders where you store the images that you want to use on your desktop. Thus once the program knows which images you want to use it will automatically change them every certain amount of time. Among the vast amount of images you want to use you'll be able to organize them by category type and location where they are saved. At the same time AutoWallpaper supports several screens with different configurations so you can set them to change at the same time independently or only affect certain screens. Another one of the important implementations in AutoWallpaper is to be able to configure user profiles. Thus each PC user will be able to have his own backgrounds without bothering the rest. This is very interesting on PCs that are shared. The interface of AutoWallpaper is somewhat confusing but the truth is that downloading AutoWallpaper for free is very inviting due to the great amount of functions it adds but you'll have to configure it properly with the dozens of buttons and options that it includes. A bit overwhelming at first but after using it for a couple of minutes and having adjusted some of the options it is easily understood.

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