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Alt+Tab Tuner For Windows Reviews

Most people have used this keyboard shortcut thousands of times Alt+Tab is one of the most-used keyboard shortcuts because its utility is really great. Just with these two keys it is possible to change between the programs and windows that are open on our operating system. Now with Alt+Tab Tuner we will easily be able to configure the aspect of this utility. Customize Alt+Tab however you like the most Once open Alt+Tab Tuner will allow us to modify several aspects of the task switcher so that it adjusts to our own liking. It is possible to make the screen captures bigger change the size of the icons that appear beside them or make the translucent background window disappear generating an effect that is similar to that of Exposé for Mac systems. This program's interface doesn't allow us to preview changes but the simplicity of pressing Alt+Tab just after applying them doesn't require this function so Alt+Tab Tuner is a small utility that can help us to improve our Windows' general aspect beyond than what is offered by the Windows switcher or Flip 3D.

Alt+Tab Tuner For Windows Download

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