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Animation films are commonly accompanied by the corresponding video game in this case we will be able to enjoy the video game of the latest film by Disney/Pixar: Up. This film tells the story of Carl and Russell a boy scout and a grumpy old man who will live a series of adventures together. The game based on the animation movie Up The Video Game is an adventure game for all ages in which we'll control both characters that will have to cooperate to overcome each obstacle that they come across. Traveling through the wildest places of South America we'll have to search for all kinds of treasures. And all this in an incredible graphical environment and a game system similar to the classic Spyro. We'll have to use the individual skills of each one of the characters Carl (the old man) will use his cane to defend himself while Russell will use his boy scout skills (rope and magnifying glass among others) to be able to overcome all the obstacles.

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