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Stress is a problem that many people worldwide suffer and that can end up changing our behavior and the way we get on with other people from our environment. To be able to confront this problem we can make use of Optimism an application thanks to which we can keep track of our behaviour habits so that we can control the factors that stress us and thus be able to eliminate the problem as soon as possible. The program is similar to a diary or organizer and thanks to a series of menus (positive actions negative actions and symptoms) in a few minutes we can fill in our questionnaire every day. Thus we will be able to generate reports that will indicate which are the things that we need to deal with. Once the report has been generated we will be able to export it in PDF or print it making it a lot easier to store or read. If you want to get rid of stress or a depressive state but you don't know what is affecting you negatively download and install Optimism and in a few weeks you will be able to directly fight it off.

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