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Creating a DVD with photos is rather easy in fact many DVD players are capable of recognizing images and show them one after another on the TV without complications nevertheless creating a good DVD of photos is rather complicated. HT Photo DVD will help us to try to accomplish it. The best video presentations Even though we think that a transition using a star can be very nice it all depends on each situation so we can use HT Photo DVD to decide what transitions we want to use between one photo and another from among the wide selection that it offers. We can also configure that photographs to have a slight movement and even add text and some music (or a narration) to generate a complete DVD that we will be able to view using any DVD player. To make the task easier HT Photo DVD includes two possible interfaces one for beginners with the most basic options and simplified menus and another one for advanced users in which we will have access to more and better personalizations in exchange to filling the interface with more options.

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