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One of the most important details when we connect to the Internet is our IP address a series of numbers that help us to browse send and receive all the data that's transmitted over the Internet. The IP is the way that computers have to know whom they have to send the data to and who receives it and with bitsoft ShowIP we'll be able to know our IP and some more data. Find out your IP address bitsoft ShowIP will also show us the gateway that we are connected to (a telecommunication net component). We can also do pings in case we need to know if another computer is turned on and connected to the Internet. Furthermore this application allows the user to copy this data to the clipboard in case we need it in any other application. As an option we can configure the refresh time of this data because even though its doesn't generally change very often it can happen that they can change and we have to know them exactly all the time. All in all a very simple application that will avoid us having to write some console line or investigate in various configuration menus to find out these details.

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