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When you browse the Internet install applications and updates and use the computer in general a series of temporary files that store information are generated. And in the long run these files can jeopardize the user's security. To eliminate this data and at the same time free some space on the hard drive you can use CleanUp!. How CleanUp! works is rather simple because it deletes all the files that are stored within the temporary file folders it empties the recycling bin and eliminates the browse history files and cookies. Leave the computer as if it had never been used. Furthermore CleanUp! makes sure that nobody can see the latest files and programs that have been used on the computer because it empties the recent document folder and the used programs list. Another noteworthy characteristic of CleanUp! is that it eliminates unnecessary entries from the Windows Registry file something that can even optimize how the system works. Therefore if you want to delete the temporary files that are generated when using the computer you only have to download CleanUp!.

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