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Satellite TV was one of the great successes of the '90s but nowadays we can access similar content totally free of charge through our computer and an Internet connection. FreeZ Online TV offers more than 500 channels ordered by themes where we'll be able to find the most varied content. 500 TV channels on your PC Using Windows Media Player to play the contents we'll be able to access different television channels with different themes: sports films TV shopping comic educational music and webcam streams (cameras installed in some of the most emblematic places in the world and that broadcast everything that happens 24 hours a day). The program is quicker than other similar applications and offers good image quality but it can't be used on fullscreen. Among the channels you'll be able to find you can view the following: Sport Italia ESPN Cine 5 Sci-Fi Channel Film 1 HDTV Meteo TV Hurricane TV etc. Watch TV from all over the world from your computer's screen whenever you want by downloading FreeZ Online TV.

FreeZ Online TV For Windows Download

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