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Clippy has been designed to substitute the invisible tool that comes into action when we press CTRL+C or CTRL+V to name a few keyboard shortcuts. Thanks to this software the clipboard will suffer a full makeover that will new functions to it that are really useful and with which it will be a lot quicker to perform many tasks. The clipboard is normally considered a place where things are stored for a short period of time before placing them elsewhere as happens with the images that we may copy or text fragments that we may want to place within another document. Nevertheless Clippy adds functions like the possibility to quick capture the screen save texts or images or upload photographs to ImageShack. All these small function make Clippy a really interesting application that can save us a lot of time. Speacially if we take into account that each of these functions is normally associated to specific software application that has to be opened separately and that due to this fact works slower than if it were loaded as the clipboard. Give your clipboard some extra help for those occasions on which you use CTRL+C and CTRL+V.

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