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The tedious task of changing the size of your photographs to send them via email can become a simple action: just dragging and dropping them into a folder. Dropresize is a tool that will make it possible to do this. Automatically resize images The first step we will have to take is to tell Dropresize what folder is going to become the special 'watch folder' (as the program calls it). From that moment on the images that are placed in the folder will automatically change size. To configure the options or access the chosen folder you will only have to click on the notification icon in the system tray. With Dropresize you will be able to include sub-folders in the watch folder create backups to avoid losing the original images include prefixes or suffixes in the image names or choose the resize method. This comfortable tool will quickly change the size of your images and will save you a lot of time. Thanks to its simple interface you should have no problems when it comes to using it.

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