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There are hundreds of programs conceived for business management: invoicing payrolls warehouse management human resources secretarial work... But in many companies many of the options included in this software would hardly be used or wouldn't be used at all that's why some software developers work on projects specifically designed for certain sectors. Manage your car garage shop Carpower is a program developed to run garages (repair shops) so it's specifically adapted for the management and control of cars allowing us to create a separate file for each vehicle supervise spares stock keep track of our money and each worker's workload. Moreover thanks to its database system we'll be able to manage our suppliers services external services and keep full control of the invoicing all within the same program. The program has been designed in Java and it offers us a very intuitive GUI so that any user will be capable of using the application very quickly without having to have great computing knowledge. If you own a garage and you're looking for an application to keep control of the workload and revenue you have to try out Carpower.

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