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With the implementation of the new technologies in household appliances each day it becomes a lot easier to be able to control them by using a computer with domotic technology. But to be able to do so with all the appliances at the same time it is necessary to use an application like Alhena. Everything at the reach of your mouse or finger Alhena WatchHome-S is a program that has been specifically developed to control any household by means of the X10 domotic technology with the possibility to use IP cameras and smartphones to complement the product. Thanks to its compatibility with new tactile screens it will no longer be necessary to control any domotic household with a mouse because it will be possible to activate or deactivate each of the options with a touch of the finger. One of the latest implementations of Alhena WatchHome-S is the possibility to be able to respond to movement or to the lack of it which makes it possible to use it for security reasons because it can notify the user if it detect movement when there is nobody at home or to turn off the reading light after a certain amount of time has gone by without anyone moving in a room. Therefore if you need a program that will allow you to control household appliances from your computer you should download Alhena.

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