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Do you want to broadcast the signal from your webcam on the Internet and you don't know how? Do you want to see what happens in a room of your house using your webcam as a camera? The solution is called WebVideoStreamer. This small application is an image and audio server that allows you to transmit the signal of any webcam and the associated microphone on the Internet very easily. Stream everything your webcam captures Basically WebVideoStreamer only requires you to choose the webcam from which you want to take the signal and the sound card from which the audio signal is received and automatically configures everything to send both signals synchronized on the Internet. WebVideoStreamer can be used for many different things ranging from the indiscriminate broadcast of images to the whole world to the use of your webcam as a security camera as well as other very interesting options like taking part in videoconferences or the creation of video presentations. Therefore if you want to have access to the broadcast of images on the Internet in a very easy and practical way you only have to download WebVideoStreamer.

WebVideoStreamer For Windows Download

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