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Would you like to know if you are capable of managing your own wellness center? Now you will have the chance thanks to Wendys Wellness. Wendys Wellness is the new wellness center in the city. Wendy with the advice of her uncle that was an elite sportsman in his youth has the difficult task of managing her own business and making sure it's a success. Tycoon game set in a gym To help Wendy in her mission you will have to revise and update the equipment of the center and prepare good training routines for the customers. What's more you will have to earn money to be able to optimize the center's installations. As you advance in the customers' training you will be able to unlock a series of 12 different mini-games based on different themes: boxing running aim memory bingo etc. Regarding the technical aspect of the video game it is a development that it is suitable for players of all ages to have a good time. Another of the game's outstanding aspects are the colorful two-dimension graphics.

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