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eMule has been one of the most widespread P2P tools in the world mainly due to its effectiveness when sharing files over the eDonkey and Kademlia networks. easyMule is an application based on eMule but somewhat easier to use without having to apply so many configurations and with a clearer interface. A really easy version of eMule The best part of the application is that you don't need to configure the ports or the firewall to get the best performance out of our Internet connection when we download by means of this application. How the program works is really simple once we have chosen our username and the speed of download/upload we just have to search for the files that we want to download and that's it. Other features that manage to make this application so simple to use is its interface that is really intuitive because with only three tabs we will control everything necessary to download the files that we want. If you think that eMule is rather complicated to use and you're looking for a simple program easyMule is the best option available.

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