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RSS Wizard is a program developed for those users that have a website with static pages but that want to generate RSS contents and thus allow that any user can subscribe to any information on a page without any problems. Convert HTML to RSS without needing to edit a single line of code The application works by converting HTML code to RSS 2.0 without needing to rewrite code or using an editor for this purpose. Once the fragment of code or the tag from which you can generate the RSS has been selected you will only have to wait for the program to do the rest. The interface is rather appealing taking into account the kind of application that it is and one of the program's strong points lies in the assistant that it includes with which it is very easy to prepare any site in a matter of minutes because it will guide you step-by-step to finish all the process. Discover how easy it is to convert HTML in RSS without needing to edit a single line of code thanks to RSS Wizard.

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