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iVisit is a program designed for people that need to maintain conversations and video conferences for work purposes in general aspects this application is like any other VoIP (Voice over IP) program but it has some added features that make it perfect for any work or business environment. Organize your work meetings online As well as allowing to take part in video conferences voice conversations and chat sessions it also allows the possibility to share a website with the person were are speaking to show them a presentation send a file or even share your desktop. Another of the interesting options that it offers is the possibility to record both the videoconferences and the voice conversations in such a way that we will have a reminder for all the things that we have talked about during a meeting. Don't let any distance hinder your work. As the rest of software of this kind iVisit includes a personal organizer in which we will be able to the address and name of all the contacts that we are going to talk to with the application so as to have quick access to them whenever we want as well as arrange appointments for specific dates and times of the day. Therefore if you want a tool that will help you to maintain contact with your business associates or you simply what to speak to a friend face to face no matter where he or she if download and install iVisit.

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