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Taking precautions in case your computer is stolen or your lose it is essential. With Snuko you will have a tool that will be capable of pinpointing the position of your computer actions carried out on it by the thieves and even the possibility to block it. In the unfortunate case that your computer gets stolen or you lose it all you will have to do is contact the people at Snuko for them to start tracking it. The application is capable of generating a detailed IP registry and locating its position by means of geolocalization as well as encrypting the data and files that are stored on the computer. Another option offered is the possibility to take screen captures photographs with a webcam or even block access to the data to avoid the unauthorized use of your information. Protect your PC against loss or theft When you install Snuko Anti-Theft and Data Recovery the service will automatically capture your IP address. Nevertheless the tracking won't be activated until you inform them that your computer has been stolen or lost. Another alternative function of the download of Snuko on any computer is the possibility to store contents on the cloud. It uses the application's servers to store your most important files with the possibility to access them from anywhere you want. Download Snuko to improve your security if you lose your computer or it gets stolen. Locate its position discover who is behind the robbery and recover it.

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