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The image viewer that Windows includes by default can be rather unpractical. If you are looking for an alternative to be able to view all your images in a comfortable way and without great features download Roboreader free. In Roboreader you will discover a minimalist viewer with just enough options to be able to browse through your image collection. You can handle it from the context menu that appears when you press the right mouse button on top of the program's small interface or by means of keyboard shortcuts. A quick and advanced image viewer The images can be viewed in fullscreen (hiding the desktop) or adjusting the image to the height or width of the screen showing the wallpaper below with the icons and open screens. Among the options that you will have available you will find the possibility to be able to zoom in choose the position of the image on the screen rotate 90º left or right turn horizontally or vertically send to the recycle bin or eliminate the file completely from the computer. Furthermore you will be able to see the images as a slideshow presentation choosing both the speed as well as the playback mode in order or random. Another interesting function is the possibility to mark your favorite photos to always have them at hand.

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