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The loss of data on our mobile phones is one of the greatest first-world problems that we fear the most. We all usually carry around sensitive information on our iPhones or iPads such as banking data personal and professional contacts our work organizer or private photos. The software for Mac computers Dr.Fone for iOS allows us to avoid any trouble in the case of accidentally deleting that information from our device damaging our phone or a flaw during the system's update as it takes care of recovering lost data on Apple's mobile devices. The best program to recover data from iOS Dr.Fone is considered as one of the best tools to recover data as it includes different menus capable of covering all the user's needs: Allows the recovery of all the data from iOS devices by means of a previous backup saved on another device from a backup stored on iTunes or from the user's iCloud account. Includes a tool that allows us to transfer all sorts of files between iOS devices and Mac so that we can save a copy of whatever we're interested in on our computer. The Switch menu allows us to connect two iOS devices to exchange files between both of them. In the event of forgetting our password or lock pattern we can connect our phone to the computer and remove them in order to regain access. Includes an option that completely and permanently removes all the data and information included on our iPhone or iPad (this process cannot be reverted). The Repair menu allows us to analyze the device in the case an error so as to correct possible flaws black screens or freezes on the Apple logo screen. Don't leave the security of your iPhone's data to anyone else download and try out this Dr.Fone for iOS the most complete and safest app to make backups of your iPhone.

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