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AsciiNickBuilder For Windows Reviews

AsciiNickBuilder is a small utility with which it is very easy and entertaining to create nicks and sentences from the characters and symbols of the ASCII code table that you can later show on your messaging programs or favorite chats or even in Twitter or Facebook as original messages. This utility with an intuitive interface you will surprise your contacts because in less time than you can imagine you will have a name or commentary decorated to your own liking. To create unique names and sentences you can use the quick nicks builder that generates the adornments automatically or the customized one in which you will have to add the ASCII symbols manually. Once created you will be able to copy it to the clipboard or embed it in any application. If you want to have an original nick for your Windows Live Messenger Yahoo! Messenger or in mIRC download AsciiNickBuilder and create it in a matter of very little time. Furthermore as it is free it won't cost you anything.

AsciiNickBuilder For Windows Download

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