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When it comes to handling any project or managing the contents of a collection the best thing that can be done is to create a database and if you are working with an Apple computer one of the best options available for this purpose is to use FileMaker. Create your database or use a template To start working with FileMaker the user can decide to use a blank database to include the contents of a Microsoft Excel file or resort to one of the templates that the program includes that will allow any user to start working comfortably very quickly. Among the most important options offered by FileMaker Pro when it comes to working with databases those worth highlighting are: Create reports with guided assistants to make the process a lot quicker with the possibility to export the files as Excel or PDF. Publish the data on a website with a couple of clicks of the mouse. Share the databases with up to a total of 9 users. Download FileMaker to be able to create your own databases very easily.

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